Brand photography for small businesses is becoming a really popular offering in my portfolio of photography services. Think of it as a virtual tour of your business, we’ll spend a few hours telling the story of you and what you do through photographs.

If you offer a service, we can get some shots of you at work, and if you’re an artisan craftsperson we’ll get shots of your process.

I become a new pair of eyes looking in on your business, and we’ll spend some time talking through what you do and how you work. I’ll ask you questions and start to build a picture of what I think we should show.

We’ll also make sure to grab a few shots of you for that all-important profile pic!

Sarah at Weaveknitit (We’ve Knit It, yes you got it) is an awesome creative character! She’s a master spinner, and teaches lots of classes.

A short while back Sarah took over a beautiful shop space in the fabulous Cromford Mill. Since then she’s expanded her business into stocking loads of local artisan produced products and crafts.

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