I knew I’d get on really well with Kay & David from the moment I read their first email to me. It was written in a really informal and friendly way. They are such a cool and laid back family, and I thoroughly loved their whole approach to their wedding day.

We began things at their home where they were getting ready (yes, together – I told you things were laid back!) and also prepping for the reception they were planning to hold in their back garden complete with hay bale seating, marquee, and a MASSIVE paella dish for the meal.

Then I caught up with David and most of the guests in The Quad coffee shop before heading to the register office next door.

Yep. Pre-wedding coffees – another box ticked for me πŸ™‚

Kay arrived in style, the transport was courtesy of the fabulous White Taxi Weddings who kindly hung around for a while after the ceremony while we went on a wonderful Cathedral Quarter photowalk. Kay & David attend a lot of concerts at Derby Cathedral so it was lovely to be able to include this in the wedding photographs.

They rounded off the day with a lovely relaxed garden party back at their house, paella all round, and a fabulous ceilidh. Here are some of my fave shots from Kay & David’s wedding…


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