I had such a wonderful time with Emily & Nathaniel (everybody calls him ‘Nat’) on their wedding day! I think they probably just about qualify as my most laid back couple of the year.

I first met Emily & Nat when they visited an open day at the beautiful East Lodge Hotel, where they had already booked their wedding. They really liked the candid, unofficial style shots so we set aside plenty of time throughout the day for me to just be floating around and shooting away. All sneaky like 🙂

I arrived in Emily’s room to find Nat already there, and doing Emily’s hair for her! The fab Esther Marie was on make-up duty, she’s such a great character to have around on the morning or the wedding, always trying to be as helpful as possible, and friendly and chatty in a way that makes everybody’s nerves disappear.

The lovely Sophie from Arbutus & Ivy provided the flowers. A beautiful delicate hand-tied bouquet.

I spent some time wandering between the preparations upstairs and the arrivals downstairs until it was wedding time. Nat & Em chose to have their ceremony outside in the garden with a few close friends and family. It was such a lovely relaxed afternoon!

After the ceremony, we worked through a few ‘official’ shots before I left them to enjoy themselves and I went back to blending in with the scenery to shoot lots of informal stuff. We also got some awesome relaxed-looking shots on our photowalk with arguably one of the best backdrops of any local wedding venue!

We finished off the evening with a few dusky shots, we weren’t expecting a sunset but we were pleasantly surprised so I quickly set up a flash unit on a stand to light the couple and make our last shot of the night.

Check out Nat & Em’s day!

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