There are hundreds of amazing wedding photography locations at the fabulous Shottle Hall. Over the years I’ve been visiting it’s become one of my favourite wedding venues due to the number of different areas we can use for photography and the resulting different looks to the shots. Even now after 15 years of shooting weddings at Shottle, I always try to include at least one new and unique location or shot style in every set of wedding photographs I produce.

Also, it’s really local to my home πŸ™‚

Here we’ll take a bit of a virtual tour around the Shottle Hall Estate and discover a few of my favourite spots…

Bride & Groom. Wedding photography at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

The Hall

Well obviously! It's a photogenic, quintessentially English country house and it looks divine from every angle.

Bride & Groom in yellow field of dandelions. Wedding photography at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

The Bottom Field

My name for it, not theirs :) Take a short wander down into this field for views back to the Hall or out over the Ecclesbourne Valley. Go around the end of April and see it covered in a sea of dandelions!

Bride & Groom walking down country lane at Shottle Hall. Wedding photograph by Field photographic

Take a stroll down the lane

This beautiful country lane scene was shot barely 100 yards from the Shottle Hall's front door. What a perfect chance to leave your guests behind with the canapes and get a few moment's peace and quiet. Just you, me, and my telephoto lens :)

Bride and groom at Shottle Hall. Wedding photograpphy by Field Photographic

Explore the garden

I LOVE exploring and losing ourselves in the hidden corners of Shottle's garden. Wander through the hedgerows and flowers and discover some beautiful secret areas with the best light.

Wedding group photograph at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

Don't forget the group shot!

Did I mention the garden area at Shottle is HUGE?! It's more than big enough to accommodate a crowd shot featuring everybody in your wedding party. There's even a perfectly placed bedroom window for me to heroically hang out of to get the shot.

Stop off down the driveway

I won't pretend to know what these trees are called but they look as funky as all anything on this shot, right?! The best bit, you will drive right past them when you arrive at Shottle Hall, and probably not even notice them!

Revisit the bottom field

This shot shows what things look like if I turn the camera around to face away from the hall - THAT countryside!

Bride and groon im library at Shottle Hall, by Field Photographic

Visit the library

This is one of my fave shots from this wedding because it was made during a humdinger of a storm - we didn't let that spoil the fun and decided to do a few dark and moody shots in the fab library. One of my top spots.

Wedding reception set up at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

A grand room for a wedding breakfast...

The Orangery is a wonderful space for your wedding breakfast, it's filled with constantly changing natural light, and has a chandelier and ceiling to beat them all for the evening.

Bride & Groom in rustic courtyard at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

The Courtyard

Featuring my favourite rustic barn doors (I complained years ago when they painted them all perfect and pristine!) this warm bright courtyard catches the sun perfectly and is the gateway to some great looking rustic farm buildings.

Bride and groom by rustic brick wall at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

The car park.

Yes, really. It's big enough that your guests aren't likely to fill it so we'll have space to play, and it looks like THIS on photographs!

Bride and groom in dramatic light at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

The other car park

If we're visiting one, we may as well visit them both, right?! If you're having your ceremony in the Coach House Marquee this will be the car park for your guests. Again, it's MASSIVE and has some wonderful industrial/rustic features.

Wedding photograph with red ivy in Autumn at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

This old ruined farm building

I don't know if it has an official name but you'll drive right by it if you're going to the Coach House Marquee car park, and it's rustic heaven! It also turns bright red for around a week in October.

Coach House Marquee outdoor wedding at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

Get married in the countryside, literally.

The Coach House Marquee is the second of Shottle Hall's ceremony areas, and with surroundings like this, it's hardly surprising that it's really popular! I love this angle from high on the hill where I can wander around and capture the ceremony without disturbing anybody.

Coach House Marquee at Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

Retire to the Coach House Marquee for dinner

A darned fine way to spend an afternoon and evening, this is where your wedding breakfast will be if you get married at the Coach house Marquee.

Sunset wedding photo t Shottle Hall by Field Photographic

Head out for a sunset shot

Wherever you are on the Shottle Estate, the sun sets in a really convenient position for us to set up a lovely golden dusky evening mini photoshoot.

I hope that’s been a useful and interesting tour around some of my favourite photo spots at Shottle Hall. Please give it a share below if so.

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