Well, it’s been a bit of a year, hasn’t it?

Now before I get into anything else, take a second, scroll back up, LOOK AT THE JOY in that top photograph, and realise that there is still something to celebrate and be positive about.

This March, right on the very cusp of hitting busy season, weddings stopped for us, and many couples, like the folks above, had their wedding postponed at just a few day’s notice. After waiting nearly seven months, cutting their guest list to 30, then cutting it again to 15, this wedding finally went ahead against the odds. They weren’t even officially allowed confetti, hence those cool funky streamers – more evidence of ingenuity and creativeness when faced with problems and restrictions.

I’m very pleased that it did go ahead, of course, and looking back on some of the images we captured that day – full of love, life and laughter – has confirmed for me that small (or ‘micro’ if you’re trendy) weddings are actually pretty darned awesome!

I may not have been to many weddings this year, but without fail every single one I have attended has been relaxed, intimate, friendly, fun and full of love and appreciation. Every bride I’ve talked to has told me they have found the process easier and less frantic, and just generally more enjoyable all round.

Going small doesn’t mean compromising on quality, in fact, it can mean the opposite because there’s budget to spare πŸ˜‰ Have a look at the amazing cakes below by The Pantry Door & Bake Ashbourne, the table settings and centrepieces by Inspired Hire – small and intimate can still be stylish and perfect.

Get in touch and talk to me about bespoke photography packages if you are planning a smaller wedding or are going ahead with your wedding with reduced numbers this winter, I’ll be happy to help however I can!

Meantime, have a look at some of the fun I’ve had with smaller weddings this year…

To say this has been a tough year has been an understatement. To lose almost a full year’s worth of business at a few day’s notice was horrendous. These were bookings that I spent 18 months building up, working long hours on website updates, social media posts and adverts, standing at wedding fairs on Sundays meeting no end of lovely people, and my reward for those 7-day weeks and late nights was to be one of the busiest years I’d had for quite a long time.

Then within three days, it was nearly all gone. My days were spent talking to couple after couple, heartbroken and apologetic, hastily trying to re-arrange things for the following year while I was trying to figure out exactly how to keep a business going until then with only outgoings, and no income.

Then I realised I was luckier than most, I’m fairly established now (so, old πŸ™‚ ) I don’t only shoot weddings, and over the summer I found I’d got a few couples hanging in there and going along with the rules for smaller weddings, then I started to realise how lovely these weddings were! I’ve also found time to start offering equestrian photo sessions (it’s only taken me about 10 years of being asked) and so I always seem to find something positive when I start to think about things.

Top of that positivity list are some of the most amazing suppliers and venues that I’ve worked with over summer to get through the year and still make sure the couples that wanted to go ahead, got their amazing day.

Check out just some of the suppliers and venues that have worked their magic in the photos above to help the few remaining wedding couples of this year:

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