Georgia & Martin were such a cool couple to work with! Both Download-festival regulars and full-on rockers. My main brief for the day was that there were to be no cheesy smiley shots and I just about managed to stick to that!

Not all the best wedding shots have to be smiley, I love some of the portraits of Georgia below that look just so wistful and enigmatic.

The other big order of the day was the chilled out ambience of the afternoon and I spent a long time trying to capture that and convey the same atmosphere in the photographs. Talking of atmosphere, how about that shot in the woods with the human smoke machine – Martin’s best man with his vape gadget!

I love some of the fly-on-the-wall style shots of moments that just happened with no prompting.

Weddings at Mapperley Farm are always a relaxed, fun affair, the venue offers several indoor and outdoor ceremony options and literally fields of space to fill with whatever you want – tipis, marquees, fairground rides, the whole works, your options are all open!

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